Home Security

With the ability to look at and control your home from a smart phone, camera systems, remote access and security systems are more popular than ever. Cameras can cover both the inside and outside of your home. With a digital recorder, you can look at many cameras on one screen and go back in time for playback.

When choosing a camera system for your home, you’ll first have to decide if you want something that is just a toy or the real deal. Many budget priced camera systems available today give you the option of viewing your cameras on a smart phone, but they sacrifice what we feel is really important, and that’s the quality of the camera. In the event of someone trespassing on your property you’ll want to have as much picture detail later to try and identify the person or persons. You’ll only get this with a serious camera. When you consider a camera system we can help you understand the options which include multiple camera locations, night vision cameras, and the recording of all camera activity. Our camera systems also have the ability to be able to be seen on your smart phone, iPad, and Mac or PC.

Many homes now have the ability to lock and unlock remotely, open and close garage doors or even arm and disarm security systems, all while you are away. Events or scenes can be programmed to make sure doors are locked, garage is closed, security is armed and lights are off, all with one button. Coming home can be the reverse: open garage, disarm security, turn on lights and even play some music!