Working With Us

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 It starts with a plan:

At Paulson’s Audio & Video, we have worked with almost any professional trade group imaginable including: architects, builders, interior designers, general contractors, electrical contractors, engineering firms, remodelers, etc.  It is always wise to begin with a well-organized plan. Proper design and coordination with all the trades and the end user in mind is crucial.

Our goal is to be as complete and efficient as possible, resulting in an electronic system that meets or exceeds expectations, is easy to operate and looks like it was designed for the environment.
The design and installation staff at Paulson’s is very experienced in this process and will insure professional looking results

Consultation and Design

A professional system consultant works with every customer. The consultant’s job is to help you determine your needs and options available to fulfill those needs. Your consultant also utilizes the expertise of many Paulson’s specialists in fields ranging from acoustical engineering to automation ease-of-use. Our goal is to provide you with the best performing home technology solutions whatever your budget.


Our engineering team constantly evaluates new home technology products to find the most reliable, highest performance products in each category. As a result, Paulson’s offers you some of the best performing products available for a variety of budgets. In addition, our engineering team evaluates product integration, or how these components work together. This ensures not only the performance of each component, but also your entire system’s performance. The result is a more reliable, higher performing system for the price you would pay elsewhere to receive less.

Project Management

In addition to your sales consultant, every project regardless of size is assigned a project manager. The project manager’s job is to ensure that your project runs smoothly with a focus on you receiving the best final product. The project manager coordinates all participants involved on a project, whether it is a simple flat screen installation or a complex job requiring interaction with many others.