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I am writing this letter to you to express my complete satisfaction with your installers Tim and Scott. I’ve been a mechanical contractor for over 30 years and have a very discerning eye for quality workmanship.

I have to tell you that Tim and Scott delivered the installation with near perfection. They were conscientious of my home and very professional. When they were finished I did not have to clean up or go behind them for one single thing. The finished installation was flawless.

From the very beginning of my experience with Garry Bluhm to the actual installation itself, I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for a job well done. I definitely will recommend your company to anybody that is need of audio/video equipment. It was money well spent.

David N.

Just a quick note to let you know that I really appreciate the work you and Dan put into rectifying the situation on the Sony/ABL issue. The guys picked up the old model and dropped off the new one about an hour ago. While I wasn’t home, my wife indicated it could have not been smoother. The way you guys handled this verified why I will continue to shop at Paulson’s for all my video and audio needs. Additionally, I’ll steer as much business as possible your way. You guys are true professionals…thanks for keeping the customer first!
Have a great weekend,

Jim F.

We just wanted to share with you how happy we are that we made the decision to work with Paulson’s. When we first visited, as you know, we had already made a commitment to purchase a TV from Best Buy. We walked in and were greeted warmly by Strat, who then proceeded to find out our wants; he walked us through the various items we would need to complete our system, patiently explaining each component and our options. He understood we were working with in a budge, and he managed to come up with a plan that would both meet our needs an essentially fit our budget. Then, he offered to personally come out with the installer who would do our project. We were at your store over the weekend, and they were at our house at 5:00 PM on Monday. No pressure, just simple and clear help in making the right decisions.

Though we had already made a commitment to Best Buy, we were so impressed with Strat and Tim, we decided we wanted to work with Paulson’s. When I went to cancel the sale at Best Buy, it was clear that they did not want to lose the deal, and, essentially, they offered me a significant discount to stay with them. As we were making our decision, Strat was off, so I worked with you. Though I knew it would be difficult for you to compete with the Best Buy price, you did what you could to help. Ultimately, Vicki and I decided we would prefer to pay additional to have the comfort of knowing that we would get personal service and attention from Paulson’s.

Frankly, from Strat in Sales; from Tim and Scott our installers; and from Kyle in Tech Support, we even got more than we expected. What a wonderful and easy experience. Our television is in, the components are all working, the remote is programmed, and thanks to Scott and Tim, it’s all easy to use. I feel everyone went above and beyond to make sure everything in the system works flawlessly…including making sure existing speakers worked well with the system we put in place. There is no question in our minds that we would never have gotten the same personal attention from Best Buy.

Thank you, and thanks to your entire staff.

Ben & Vicki

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your exceptional service you continue to provide for our business. Your help and care for our A/V system continues to amaze us. I work with many vendors on a daily basis, and truly none can compare to your high level of customer service. You are appreciated!
Thank you,

Allison S.

My name is Dave H. and I am a customer of yours.

A couple of years back I bought some B&W speakers from you that cost quite a bit of money. I hooked them up to my inexpensive Pioneer 100 watt receiver. The B&W speakers sounded so bad that I couldn’t even hook up my 15 inch Velodyne sub because it was too powerful and drowned out the B&Ws. Instead I had my tiny Sony sub hooked to it.

I went ahead and hooked up a used Harmon Karden receiver that was rated at a lower wattage (65) but, at least for some hi-tech reason, the B&W speakers sounded better. So I decided to hook my Velodyne sub to the receiver. Well, for the past 5 days since obtaining this receiver everything sounds great (so I thought) but whenever the TV was off the subwoofer hummed horribly.

I thought I would be able to deal with the humming. I am the CEO of an out-patient mental health and substance abuse agency and by the fifth day (today) I thought I was going to become a client of my agency. I was a broken man. As a last resort I called you guys on the phone to see if there was some kind of miracle that could save me from audio insanity.

Finally, the moral of this story…I spoke to Garry Bluhm and he asked me one, simple question, “what level is the sub at?” When I told him it was between 80 and 90% of max he was then able to tell me exactly what to do. By turning the sub down to about 30% of max and adjusting each speaker separately….The B&Ws sound awesome, the Velodyne sounds awesome (and with no humming when off), my bedroom now sounds better than any movie theatre I’ve ever been in and the next new piece as well as all subsequent new pieces of a/v equipment will be bought at Paulson’s A/V.

Thank you for your great service but be sure to thank Garry, from me, for all of his help for saving me from myself.
Thanks again,

Dave H.

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to Dan Paulson and Garry B. for their professionalism and courtesy. They handled me with respect and dignity in a difficult time. For that I want to thank you and let them know I’ll be shopping @ Paulson’s forever!

Adam M.

Thank you so much for your patience and your time you spent with Jay & I. Now that we have the digital sound hooked up the correct way, we can’t believe the difference in sound. I can finally say our sound system with our Sony TV has all the right components to offer us the quality sound we should of been hearing. We will continue to recommend you highly to our Friends and Family for their entertainment needs.
Thanks Again,

Monique R.

I want to send off a quick note to thank you so much for all of your assistance in making my Panasonic Viera TV purchase. Garry began my teaching, Dan P. continued my research, and Dan G. gave me the final steps toward making the purchase. Dan G. told me only what I needed to know to make the device work for my particular application. This process couldn’t have been much easier! Thanks again for a knowledgeable, non-condescending and accessible place to shop.

Pamela J.

“Dear Mr. Paulson,

I am writing to let you know how thankful I am for Paulson’s AV.  I recently purchased an LG television and DVD player from Paulson’s and had them installed by your professionals.  My only regret is not having been aware of Paulson’s before now.  I guess it’s better late than never.

My path to Paulson’s was a little sorted.  Approximately a week and a half ago, I had been searching online for the LG TV that I wound up purchasing from you.  I had surgery on both feet on March 11th and really wanted the TV as soon as possible since I was immobile.  I found it at Crutchfield and called them first.  I had used them in the past, but they were out of stock.  Of course Best Buy offered it, but I hate Best Buy.  I wound up locating it at Paul’s TV online and placed my order over the phone.  Taking the order was only smooth part of the entire ordeal.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but the bottom line is that the TV they tried to deliver was damaged.  They sent one guy to deliver the giant TV and as I mentioned I couldn’t really move at the time.  They treated me very poorly afterwards and couldn’t commit to a replacement delivery date.  Perhaps the only bright spot was when the delivery guy, from CEVA Logistics, had gotten confused and thought I had ordered the TV from Paulson’s.  He praised Paulson’s AV.  After he left with my broken TV, I immediately googled Paulson’s AV.

By the time I did that, Paulson’s had already closed for the night.  I called first thing Thursday morning and had the pleasure of working with Lawrence Walters.  What a great, easy-going guy.  He made me feel like I was the most important customer and my needs would be exceeded.  I explained my surgery situation and my sense of urgency.  He was definitely attentive and eager to please.  He confirmed that Paulson’s had the LG TV that I wanted in stock.  I was overjoyed when he told me that the Paulson’s team could be at my house the following day, Friday, to install the TV.  I told him that I was a little concerned because I had the Direct TV guys coming in the morning on Friday so that they could get the new receiver installed for the new TV.  I was worried they wouldn’t have the receiver installed before the TV arrived.  He said it wouldn’t be a problem.  He even said someone could stop out at a later date to help with the TV features if needed.  I also asked him to pick out a decent Blu-ray player which he did.  He made my day and my entire weekend.  I watched the NCAA action all weekend long.  It definitely eased my recovery.  I want to make you aware of all that he did for me.  I’m sure you already realize what a valuable part of your team Lawrence is.

I was excited, but also nervous for the installers to arrive.  I was still upset about my last delivery experience and hoped this one would go much smoother.  I was pleasantly surprised.  They were professional and even showed up a little early which was great.  They were polite.  They were patient and answered all of mine and especially my husband’s questions.  They showed me some of my new TV’s cool features.  Ron and Adam (“Shoe”) were the best people I’ve ever had working at my house.  They both represent Paulson’s well.  The TV completes the room and it looks so amazing.  I’ve already gotten compliments on how nice the TV is and how clean the mounting is from friends who were over to visit me.

I will be in to Paulson’s to visit once I’m mobile.  I want to check out the showroom, meet Lawrence and get some of the screen cleaner that the Ron and Adam used to clean my TV screen after mounting it.  I’ve already shared my praise for Paulson’s with five different people.  I know that some of my friends will begin using Paulson’s for their needs.  You have a customer for life.  

Thank you so much.

Cathy R.

Cathy R.

Thank you for your patience on Jan. 30th (My birthday) as we both figured out how to hook up my video camera to my (DVD/VCR/Satellite/CD, etc.)! It Works!

Nina W.